Fourth day, first words

It’s only my fourth day in Osmaniye, but this is my second dinner based around mantı. The moment I tasted it, sitting on a porch overlooking a cami* and the university gates, I knew that we would be fast friends. Prepared for us by a colleague’s Aunt, our mantı was seasoned with mint (nane) and red pepper (biber). The water from the cooking process was retained to make it a little more stew-like, while the spice was cut with a yogurt and garlic mixture. The mantı themselves are filled with sheep (or sometimes lamb) meat, and had a sweet and meaty flavor. These photos are from our attempt to recreate that dish the next night as our first dinner in the guest house. Though not up to the standards of the night before, we made a pretty good hash of it.

* The Turkish word for a mosque. In Turkish, the letter “c” is pronounced as an english “j”.


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